FUSO Brings eCanter to Portugal’s Capital City

Daimler Trucks handed over ten all-electric, light-duty FUSO eCanter trucks to the city administration of the Portuguese capital.

Lisbon, Portugal: FUSO, a part of Daimler Trucks Asia, just made its latest European launch in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. In a handover with the city administration, the company introduced its first zero-emission light-duty truck, the eCanter, to the streets of Lisbon. The truck had been previously tested in the cities of Lisbon, Sintra, and Porto; however, this event marked its official release to the country.

The city of Lisbon plans on using the vehicles for municipal gardening trips, as well as for waste disposal. With the new eCanter, Lisbon is hoping to contribute to the reduction of local noise and emission pollution commonly caused by commercial vehicles used in urban areas all around Europe.

The FUSO eCanter is now in use in six major cities around the world: Tokyo, New York City, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, and now Lisbon.

A Product of Portugal

FUSO produces the eCanter for the European markets, as well as the USA, at the company’s Tramagal Plant in Portugal. The eCanter is produced on the same production line as the conventional Canter, one of the best-selling trucks from Daimler’s commercial vehicle portfolio. The FUSO production facility in Tramagal boasts more than 50 years of tradition and is an important element of the Portuguese economy.

The Future Is Electric

The eCanter allows customers to take advantage of a light duty electric truck that is both economical and environmentally friendly, not to mention dependable, maneuverable, and quiet, as the solution for clean urban deliveries. The emission free electrically-powered truck made by Mitsubishi FUSO is taking the lead in the advancement of the sustainable mobility market.