Mitsubishi FUSO Impresses Visitors At 2018 Japan Truck Show

After a short hiatus, Mitsubishi FUSO made its return to the Japan Truck Show. The Super Great and eCanter were on full display at the company’s booth for visitors to view up close.

Yokohama, Japan: The 2018 Japan Truck Show took place earlier this month, from May 10-12. The show was held at PACIFICO Yokohama, one of the largest convention centers in the world, and attracted over 50,000 visitors. Mitsubishi FUSO was one of the major participants of the event and took the opportunity to showcase the Super Great and the eCanter to the general public.

An Electric Future

With an optimized powertrain, state-of-the art battery pack, and impressive load capacity for its size; the eCanter impressed onlookers. The latest eCanter represents the third generation of the world’s first all-electric light duty truck. It is the culmination of steps taken to move from the development of FUSO’s Canter E-CELL small series to eCanter’s series production today.

The Japan Truck Show

The Japan truck show is the largest truck-related general exhibition in Japan. The event was made up of more than 120 different companies, bringing together the best from the truck manufacturing, equipment, parts, and technology industries. This year’s show featured a very international group of participants, with exhibitors coming from Italy, the Netherlands, the U.S., France, China and South Korea.